4月 24th, 2012


Childrens First
Everett Oba (Classical)
Everett Oba (Popular)
Everett Oba (Champion)

Childrens Second
Anna Loretan (Classical)
Soumya Kalluri (Popular)
Soumya Kalluri (Champion)

Childrens Third
Soumya Kalluri (Classical)
Anna Loretan (Popular)
Anna Loretan (Champion)

Male Teens
Pablo Leano (Classical)
Pablo Leano (Popular)
Pablo Leano (Champion)

Female Teens First
Narumi Nakata (Classical)
Narumi Nakata (Popular)
Narumi Nakata (Champion)

Female Teens Second
Mizuho Takata (Classical)
Mizuho Takata (Popular)
Mizuho Takata (Champion)

Female Teens Third
Alessandra Cerretto (Classical)
Alessandra Cerretto (Popular)
Alessandra Cerretto (Champion)

Adult Male First
Luc Vitry (Classical)
Sean Lomax (Popular)
Sean Lomax (Champion)

Adult Male Second
Kyoung Lee (Classical)
Luc Vitry (Popular)
Luc Vitry (Champion)

Adult Male Third
Eric Aranow (Classical)
Yuki Takeda (Popular)
Eric Aranow and Yuki Takeda (Champion)

Female Adult First
Damariscotta Helm (Classical)
Akiko Shibata (Popular)
Akiko Shibata (Champion)

Adult Female Second
Akiko Shibata (Classical)
Damariscotta Helm (Popular)
Damariscotta Helm (Champion)

Adult Female Third
Yuka Takashima (Classical)
Carole Anne Kaufman (Popular)
Carole Anne Kaufman (Champion)

Allied Arts Teen
Mizuho Takata

Allied Arts Children
Everett Oba

Allied Arts Male First
Todd Dickerson

Allied Arts Male Second (3-way tie)
Eric Aranow,
Michal Bravin
Rusty Riggs

Allied Arts Female First (2-way tie)
Marie Ivassich
Akiko Shibata

Allied Arts Female Third
Damariscotta Helm

Entertainer of the Year
Carole Anne Kaufman

Hall of Fame
Chris Ulman

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